Lead Wipe Testing for Rental Properties in Baltimore City and Baltimore County

Baltimore Inspection Guy now offers Visual Inspection and Lead Wipe Testing for rental properties in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. This testing provides the certificate form 330 necessary to register your pre-1978 home with the city/county.

There are two parts to the inspection: Visual and Wipe.

The visual inspection requires that there be no peeling, flaking, cracking, or chalking paint and no structural damage that could lead to peeling paint. The inspection will include the interior and exterior and will include inspection for paint chips on the ground around the property. If any peeling, flaking damaged paint is noted, the visual inspection will fail. State law requires the failed visual inspection to be reported to the State within 30 days if not corrected. If the visual inspection passes, wipe tests will be performed.

The wipe tests will be performed in each room of the home, including basements and hallways. 1 test is required per room, with one additional test per room required if the room contains wood windows that may be painted with lead based paint. The samples will then be shipped to a lab for testing. Please allow up to 7-10 business days to receive results.

It is recommended that the property be thoroughly cleaned prior to inspection. Carpets should be vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum. Tile and other solid surface floors should be thoroughly cleaned with disposable cloth mopping systems. Change cloths frequently. All wood surfaces should be cleaned with wet disposable cloths. Pay particular attention to windows sills and the window trough, located under the window sash. (The portion of the window that opens and closes)


Pricing for Lead Inspections is as follows:

Visual Inspection $65

Lead Wipe testing: $15/Wipe