Radon Testing

IAC2 Radon Certified

I now offer radon testing as an additional service.

Radon Test Pricing

  • With a standard home inspection— $100

Radon testing requires the subject property to have doors and windows remain closed for 12 hours prior to and for the duration of the test, minimum of an additional 48 hours. Normal entry/exit is allowed. No whole-house ventilation systems should be used, normal AC/heat is fine. If the house is equipped with a radon mitigation system, it should be activated during the inspection. It is the customers responsibility to communicate this information to the seller prior to the inspection. Baltimore Inspection Guy, LLC provides this service for the convenience of its clients, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of results should the samples be tampered with or doors/windows are left open during the test. It is rerecorded that the buyer retest the property after settlement when they can control the property.

Radon samples will be shipped using USPS 2-3 day shipping. Results are generally available the same business day as received by lab. If a faster turn around time is desired, FedEx next day service is available for and additional $25.  Overall, expect to have results 4-5 business days from the time of inspection. However, exact times cannot be guaranteed.

For more information on Radon, please visit the EPA.


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