Home Inspection FAQ

Marty Zickgraf, Baltimore Inspection GuyHow long does your home inspection take?

The typical home inspection takes 2-3 hours. Larger houses will take longer, as will additional structures such as garages. Townhomes and Baltimore-style rowhomes with fewer exterior components are typically a bit faster.

How much does your home inspection cost?

Cost is driven by the size and complexity of the inspection. Typical home inspection cost in Baltimore and the surrounding counties is $250-$300. I will give each customer a custom quote for their inspection.

Where do you perform home inspections?

I inspect homes in Baltimore City, Baltimore, Harford, Cecil, Carroll, Howard and Anne Arundel counties.

Do I need to be there for the home inspection?

You are not required to be there, however it’s much easier to explain and show you any issues I discover in person. You are also welcome to follow me through the entire inspection so that I can show you everything I find.

I need a home inspection right away, can you help?

I do my best to schedule clients as quickly as possible. I’m available 7 days a week and can often inspect properties the same day.

What are your qualifications?

I have over 10 years construction experience, received my professional training from  American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT) and am a member in good standing of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (interNACHI). I hold license #32323 from the Maryland DLLR, which requires 25 hours of continuing education each year.

Do you walk the roof?

Whenever possible, yes. When inspecting homes with exceptionally high or steep roofs or if roof access is limited by weather or safety issues, I will inspect your roof from the ground with binoculars or from a ladder at the eaves.

What other home inspection services do you provide?

I also provide radon and Baltimore County rental inspections. Rental inspections include two color photos printed on site to meet Baltimore County’s requirements.

What kind of home inspection report do you provide?

I provide a digital home inspection report including numerous photos, usually emailed to you the same day as the inspection. My report is easy to read and gives you all the information you need to request repairs from the seller or negotiate price.

Is a home inspection the same thing as a warranty?

No, a home inspection is not a warranty or guarantee. It is a snapshot of the condition of the home on the day I inspect it. I can’t see through the walls and appliances and systems that are working when I test them could always fail in the future. My home inspections are carried out according to the standards set by the State of Maryland.

 Can you recommend a contractor to make repairs?

No, my code of ethics as a Home Inspector prevents me from performing repairs for or recommend contractors to clients I perform an inspection for.